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      Foshan nanhaiLaurelTermite control co., LTDWas established2003Years2Month,Is the foshan termites management、Foshan AiWeiBan in foshan city industrial and commercial bureau approval and registration of formal termite control、Pests xiaosha enterprises,Currently he is member of guangdong termite academy units、Foshan city pest prevention and control association member units、Foshan city cleaning association member units。

    Company is mainly engaged in new construction termite control、Termite prevention、Termites MieZhi、Decorate a project termite prevention、Pests sanitizers、The fly MieZhi、MieZhi rats、Cockroaches MieZhi、Mosquito MieZhi、Bugs MieZhi、The flea MieZhi、Fire ants MieZhi、Ants MieZhi MieZhi service all cities such as pests、Cleaning services and other business。

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